Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Project Life 2015

I LOVE 2015!

Two Thousand Fifteen - has been full of adventures and emotions (my only explanation for it to take me nearly half of it to post anything at all from my PL adventure)  

My husband accepted a new job in our home state of North Dakota!  We are more than glad to back in Bison Country.  However, moving across the country with littles, quitting our jobs and me trying to find a new one all while pregnant.... I haven't had much time for social media.  

So I will just JUMP right in!

I had been trying to find a way to capture the very most of the year with a title page - This year I nailed it square on the head!  :)  I came up with what I consider my best PL idea yet!  

I decided I wanted to include a bit of each month - sort of an index page for the entire year - a little preview of what you could expect in the many pages to follow.  I used the season mini kit for the entire album because it worked for me!  

As you can see on the front I am adding a single image for each month (perhaps my favorite photo from the month or one that shouts excitement)  and on the back I included several of the months (for sure the months with birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates in our family) and each season to include other important info about what our family did during this exciting year.  

My goal is to add to this every month to stay caught up and to create an exciting place to look back on our journey in 2015!
*Make sure to look back at the end of the year to see this project completed!

 January came with some pretty exciting news in our household!  We are having a baby!  We couldn't be more thrilled to be having baby # 3.  Our boys were also very excited.... However, our 2 year old thinks he would rather have a puppy while our 4 year old argues a baby is much better!   

Love what you see? I used Pocket Pages A and PL cards from
Blush Core Kit, Coral Core Kit, and the Be Bright specialty themed cards.

In February I got a NEW CAR!  I had wanted a Buick Enclave for a long time - They are such a smooth drive!   We were thrilled to have enough room in the car for our new addition when the time came!  We named our new car Belle - Living in the south, we found it fitting!  (anyone else name their vehicles?)  We also got 4" of snow!  The kids had a blast playing in the wet snow!  At the end of February I became an aunt to my first nephew!  It will be fun for the boys to have a boy cousin!

I used pocket page A with the middle insert page H with cards from the
 Dazzle Edition Mini Kit, Be Bright Specialty themed cards, and the golden themed cards. 

In March my hubby interviewed and accepted a new job back home!  We were thrilled, however, it was an emotional time.  We had to say goodbye to our home and the few friends that became family in our short 2 years in LA.  The process was very quick.  Within a few weeks, my hubby flew home to interview, accepted, and started his new career.  The boys went to stay with family and I was left alone for just over a week to tidy things up and make the last of our LA memories.  

I used pocket pages A and insert pocket page H.  I used the Notes and Things Value Kit,
 Be Bright Specialty themed cards, Dazzle Mini Kit and Blush Edition Core kit.  

April was a month of unpacking!  Oh and compared to LA, it was COLD and WINDY!  Nonetheless, we found the park on nice days and enjoyed time together as a family.  Easter was the first holiday in 2 years that we spent with extended family.  At the end of April we learned that we would be welcoming another little boy into the world!  I officially became a mom of boys!

 I used pocket pages A and the ready set go value kit.  The chip board is also from this set. 

In May our life finally slowed down!  We were out of town a few of the weekends for graduations and business, but we got to enjoy being together and loving on our kids for a majority of the time.  Oh and I became an aunt again!  To the sweetest little girl! 

 I used pocket pages S and U and the Honey Edition Core Kit. 
It was fun to use all the 3x4 pictures and cards to describe
our random month of May.

June was another busy month!  I applied for a job and within a week and a half I accepted and started my new position!  For the last 4 years I have been an xray and CT technologist.  I now wear the hat of MRI technologist.  MRI is much different but I am enjoying the new challenge and CLINIC hours!  With having weekends off - we have had the opportunity to spend time with family and even got to the lake! 
I used pocket pages Q and N.  I used DAD themed cards for the entire layout!

I hope you have enjoyed the first half of the year.  I have enjoyed documenting with Project Life and staying up to date each month!  Because it truly is that EASY.  

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