About Me

My name is Toni, I am a friendly outgoing mother of 2.  I am married to the man of my dreams - who is not only the father of my children but also my best friend.  

Just over a year ago, our family made a ginormous move from Minnesota to Louisiana.
 Shortly after moving, which we did for my husbands career, I too was able to find a new job!  My new job allows me to be a weekday stay at home mom, I take pictures for a living.  (I am an radiologic technologist)   However, right before my second child was born my husband surprised me with a Canon Rebel T4i, so that I could take absolutely amazing pictures for FUN!

Along with photography, I also enjoy watching tv with my hubby, Baking, playing with my kiddos, scrapbooking and just about a million other things. I have so many many interests and so many many favorites!

With all the excitement in my life I hope to motivate and entertain you with the meaningful yet normal events that create so much joy and take up so much space in my everyday life. 

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