Sunday, December 28, 2014

DIY Rub Ons Wood Transfer


My favorite scrapbooking accessories are definitely rub ons - I can still remember the very first time I ever used one!  They look like they are apart of the paper - yet stand out like a sticker!  They instantly became my favorite thing to scrapbook with - however, 8 years ago - they were more difficult to find in stores than they are today!  

So with google - All things are possible, I found several tutorials to make my own!  And over the last few years - I have perfected my own way to create Rub Ons that work on nearly anything!  

I usually just use rub ons for paper crafting - but recently have been using the same technique on WOOD!  Take a look, it definitely works well!  

Recently, a dear friend of mine graduated from a nursing program and made her this little gift!  

What you need:

bare wood plaque
stain (optional)
transparency paper (I purchase this on amazon)
computer printer
fine sander (if desired)
spray sealer

How I made this:

-First I stained my bare wood and sanded the edges.
-I typed my desired font in Microsoft word, and in printer properties I changed quality to high and mirrored my image.
-Next CAREFULLY place the transparency paper on the wood

(DO NOT MOVE THE TRANSPARENCY PAPER, or                                                                         WORDS WILL SMEAR!)
- I used a rub on transfer tool and a Popsicle stick to carefully rub on my text.  Remember to press hard and over each word several times to ensure that the text transfers. (this process tires your hands so you may need to take breaks!)
-Lastly I used a spray sealer several times to seal the plaque for years to come! 

I hope you found this helpful!  Enjoy!

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