Friday, December 26, 2014

DIY Photo Sign

I am just going to say it, I LOVE PINTEREST!  

There are so many ideas all in one place, how could I not.  My crafty self gets the best of me, especially over the holidays.  This year I wanted to be able to give the grandparents a unique gift that they could use to display photos of their grandchildren all year. So, I searched on google and of course pinterest.  I found a ton of fabulous signs - I found a few really great etsy shops and then that thought that seems to strike my brain every time, I CAN DO THAT.  So off to Hobby Lobby and Michael's I go to get all of the supplies for much less than I could buy the finished product for and I can truly personalize the gift for the receiver.  So many memories and so much meaning when it is homemade!  

 This is my before and almost after photo for the gifts that I made each of the grandparents his year! (Before getting each gift in the mail I clipped and burnt the ends of the hemp with a lighter to give it a more rustic look and I used a staple gun to adhere a burlap ribbon bow to hang the sign) I think they turned out great.  I added a little of my own flare and a heartwarming phrase.  

DIY Gifts are simply the BEST!

The best part of this design is that the clothespin clips allow you to change out the photos for each season as quickly and as easily as possible.
If you love this design, here is what you need to make your very own!

-bare wood sign (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
-Paint (I used a cream color, brown and black)
-hemp or other string
-eyelet screws
-Vinyl (I cut mine out with my cricut expressions)
-flowers or other embellishments
-Hot Glue Gun
-Staple gun

How I did it:
1. I painted the sign entirely with cream color paint.  I used a cheap foam brush. Then left it to dry (about an hour)
2. Then I mixed the cream paint with 2 dots of brown and a dot of black and used a course paint brush and brushed it over the entire sign (to give it a rustic look)  Quickly I used the back side of the brush and drew on a wood grain pattern (to add a little something) Then I set it aside and let it dry till the next day (probably would be dry after an hour or so)

3. I cut out the vinyl with my cricut expressions machine, I used packaging tape to transfer my letters from my cricut mat to the sign (instead of transfer tape and to keep my letters straight!)

4. Next I placed the eyelet screws in the bottom corners and attached my string.  (I eyeballed my locations and they turned out pretty great!)

5. I used the hot glue gun to attach my flowers, I chose a few burlap flowers and also a paper flower (fun, colorful, patterned paper is one of my very most favorite things)

6. Next, I tied the hemp string tightly between the eyelet screws with a double knot (tie tight so that once you place your photos on the clothespins, it doesn't hang too low.  I trimmed the string and used a lighter to burn the edges (to give it a rustic more complete look, also will keep the string from fraying. :)

7. Lastly I attached a ribbon on the back with a staple gun and a special note for the receiver!  

Hope you found this helpful and fun!

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